Writers’ Night School: Pitching Hot Takes

In an age where there is a deluge of ‘hot takes’ floating around in the digital stratosphere, how do you create informed, insightful and nuanced critical commentary for the online space, and turn it around within a day?

In this two-part workshop, seasoned freelance writer and critic Neha Kale will take you through how to write an original and engaged take on current affairs or culture. 

How do I attend this event?

Writers’ Night School events take place in the form of intimate videochats with festival artists, capped strictly at eight places. Audience members participate from home using their own computers and webcams.

PLEASE  NOTE: THIS EVENT IS IN TWO PARTS. The first class runs October 26th, and the second runs on November 2nd. Both sessions commence at 6.30pm AEDT. You need only buy one ticket, it is valid for both events.

Thursday October 26 &
Thursday November 2
6.30pm AEDT


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