Mapping Ecologies of the Digital (Perth)

What is the place of localised embodiment and environmental politics in our digital landscapes? Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot, which means it is not only a land with unique native species, but also a land under threat. This multimedia performance will be live-streamed from Perth, incorporating live readings and pre-recorded videos that engage with WA’s rich history of environmental writing and activism – creating spaces for refugia, and the resurgence of diversity.

Please note: This is a live, in-person event held at the Centre for Stories in Perth. The event will commence at 6pm Perth time, and is free to attend! If you’re not in Perth or can’t make it to the event, it will also be streamed live here on the DWF website.

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Time: 6pm AWST
9pm AEDT
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Centre for Stories
100 Aberdeen St
WA 6003