Future Perfect Podcast

Future // going or likely to happen or exist. Perfect // as good as it is possible to be.

Future Perfect. We think it means something like: keep writing, keep thinking, keep trying, keep telling stories – that’s how the future gets made.

A brand new podcast where we ask storytellers about what they do, how they do it, and why. Hear from all tomorrow’s voices, right here. Hosted by Artistic Director Izzy Roberts-Orr and produced by Beth Gibson.

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Listen back to previous episodes below.

Creative Audio: Reflections from Australian Producers

Crafting audio content takes time, and we all have to start somewhere. Learn from Australian audio producers as they put their past tape to the test. Featuring Bec Fary, Evana Ho, Jon Thija, Rosa Gollan, Tim Shiel and Kate Montague.

Collectives and Community with Areej Nur, Kate ten Buuren and Alec Reade

Our guest host for this episode is the multi-talented Areej Nur, co-founder of Still Nomads African artist collective. Areej is joined by Kate ten Buuren of This Mob Aboriginal artist collective and Alec Reade of New Wayfinders Pasifika artist collective. Together, they discussed community, creativity, and collective strength.

Wish You Were Here: Audio Postcards from around Australia and NZ

This special episode is a wave from across time and space, featuring a range of selected Digital Writers’ Festival artists who have sent through an audio postcard from a place that’s meaningful to them and their work.

Extra music is Quizitive by Lee Rosevere.

FutureSex: Erotic Storytelling with Krissy Kneen, Kim Allom and Angela Serrano

In this episode we’re going down under and exploring the glorious, gory, titillating world of erotic writing in the digital age. Games designer Kim Allom speaks with erotic writer Krissy Kneen. We also hear from erotic writer and 2017 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow Angela Serrano.


Indigenous Speculative Futures with Hannah Donelly

In this episode, guest host Hannah Donnelly explores Indigenous speculative futures with Claire G Coleman, author of the recently released ‘Terra Nullius’, and Maddee Clark, who is writing their PhD on Indigenous speculative fiction and futurism.

Extraordinary Routines with Madeleine Dore

In this episode, guest host Madeleine Dore of Extraordinary Routines chats to illustrator Gorkie (Sarah Nagorcka) and writer and activist Jax Jacki Brown about their creative practices, as well as the challenges of balancing their creative careers.