Sphinx Zine

About the Zine

Sphinx attempts to fuse the semiotic possibilities of image, text and hyperlink into a mythopoetic exploration of some of the world’s deepest mysteries. This first issue, titled ‘songs of resurgence adaptation resistance’ focuses on the interweaving relationship between biological diversity, and the human capacity for free will and abstract thought.



Jon Anātman is a journalist of the secret, a lover of the statistically infrequent and a pilgrim in search of the unconscious aspects of human experience. His approach to writing seeks to place the individual within a framework which spans the social, global, cosmic and right back down into the microcosmic and quantum worlds. His work has appeared in Synthesis Journal, Anti-heroin Chic and Thistle Magazine. He has also written many strange words which can be found littered through out the webosphere.


I grew up as a huge lover of both novels and comic books. I was always amazed at how the two mediums differed in their manner of storytelling, and yet also had a huge overlapping similarity. This has developed into a life-long passion for discovering and exploring new possibilities and hybrid forms with which to communicate ideas through a combination of words and images.


My exploration into the local zine community has only really just begun recently when I attended the World Zine Fair in my hometown of Marrickville earlier this year. I was astounded to learn how vibrant and diverse the local scene has become. Besides that, I also worked on the design of a zine titled ‘Paper Lens’ with a friend in Sydney (hi Shivani) and another in Melbourne (hi Elise) in 2015. We’re always hoping to do another one, but our lives keep getting in the way.


I’d suggest they try to find something they really want to say first and foremost, and then work out a unique way of putting that on the page. Even if, as a creator, you don’t end up reaching a huge audience, your work will be special if it means something to you, and portrays the message that you want it to. Secondly, I would say try to collaborate as much as you can. There are so many talented individuals making all kinds of diverse content out there these days, so I think connection and collaboration is a big part of the process. And lastly, make sure you’re having fun with it. That passion will shine through on the page.