Sad Youth Club

About the Zine

“We Are Becoming God” zine is a collaborative zine that showcases poetry and visual art dealing with existentialism, disenchantment and heartbreak. The hardcopy is published under Sad Youth Club as a colouring book.


Troijarra Ebio is a Sydney based artist and zine maker. Her personal art style and form gravitates towards painting/drawing, but still practices in a wide range of mediums and crafts. She publishes zines and artworks under the pseudonym; Sad Youth Club.

Past body of works exploring recurrent themes of sex, existentialism and self love & care, were compiled and published under ‘SYC’ late 2015 – early 2016. Setting a base aesthetic and vision for the art platform. As of October 2017, Troijarra has published 12 visual zines available online and in a few Australian zine distributors.

Troijarra has completed a BFA at UNSW A&D (2016) and has since exhibited works in small galleries around Melbourne and joined several zine fairs along the east coast of Australia.

GLDN ODSY (sydney collective, 2014-2017) and Creative Gals Collective (Australian Womyn’s art collective, 2017- present) are two art collectives that Troijarra/SYC is affiliated with.


The entire vibe of zine culture inspired me. I love the fact that there are no rules and how it’s self made and published – it’s punk af DIY culture in it’s rawest art form. Zine making, for me, meant that I could be my own boss with my art practice.

The extra freedom zine making allows you to have is so precious and important – especially if you’re a creative still trying to figure yourself out – zine making literally invites you to just make, make, make and see what happens.


My local zine community is wonderful and supportive. I’ve met so many like-minded, opinionated and wildly different people through past zine fairs. And I’m lucky enough to have collaborated in side projects with a few fellow zine makers at the moment (s/o to Jasmine and Emily Greenwood of GRRL ZINE).
Being part of such an eclectic group of creatives is incredibly humbling and interesting.


Take your time with zine making and have fun with it!