Nina Powles


Tiny Moons is a weekly newsletter that sends a tiny writing prompt to your inbox every Thursday. The prompts are created by me, inspired by tiny things I’ve read and felt and seen. The prompts are meant to be tiny, quick, unscary, undaunting, unruly and designed to be completed in a short burst of creative energy. There are no rules. Do what you like with the piece you come up with: burn it, shatter it, fling it out into orbit.



Tiny Prompt #12: MOONLIGHT
“It was only when she came out of the tunnel into the moonlight or by the sea or into a thunderstorm that she really felt herself.” – Katherine Mansfield, ‘The Daughters of the Late Colonel’

Where in nature have you really felt yourself?

Tiny Prompt #13: COLOUR STUDY
List all the colours you associate with home. Be specific: e.g. nectarine flesh yellow, burnt orange, linen tea-towel blue. Write a piece containing all of them.

Tiny Prompt #14: SNAPSHOT
“To see / what his eyes see of me. To be a picture a distant satellite seizes.”
Darcie Dennigan, ‘Starry-Eyed’

When a distant satellite seizes a distant picture of you, what does it look like?


Why did you start a TinyLetter?

I’m a poet with a day job, which means I struggle to find the time and mental energy to write. Writing workshops aren’t accessible to everyone, for a bunch of reasons. One day I thought: jeez, I wish someone would give me a small writing prompt to do every week – then I might actually start writing again. So I created Tiny Moons. Now, for me, the act of creating writing prompts has become a creative act in itself.

What is your experience of the community?

I saw other young creative people making TinyLetters and other e-newsletters and found that these were pretty much the only e-newsletters I actually opened. I loved finding out about my friends’ creative work this way. I love getting replies from people who like Tiny Moons. I want to turn Tiny Moons into a zine project of some kind, which counters the digital platform in a cool way – suddenly people who have interacted with Tiny Moons will be connected in a physical way.

What advice would you give?

Keep it small, and if your TinyLetter is going to showcase your creative work, maybe narrow it down to a single genre or topic.

Keep a record of all the TinyLetters you send out. Together, they might make a cool zine.

Nina Powles is a poet, writer and zinemaker from Wellington, New Zealand. She has created several poetry zines including Underwater Dreams, SCYLLA: an erasure poetry project, and (auto)biography of a ghost. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the International Institute of Modern Letters and is currently Poetry Editor of The Shanghai Literary Review. Her first full-length poetry collection, Luminescent, was published by Seraph Press in 2017.