About the Zine

NEURAL NET/LIKE4LIKE is a micro-fiction split collage zine created by Cher Tan and Mel Bakewell. Stories manifest as the zine’s authors disassociatively imagine realms at once the same and divergent from the current realities they live in.


Cher Tan is a freelance writer in Kaurna Country (Adelaide). She mostly writes on issues surrounding tech, food, culture, identity and politics. Her work has appeared in Kill Your Darlings, Right Now, Roads and Kingdoms, VICE, Catapult, and Overland, amongst others.

Why did you start making zines?

Discovering the possibility of a different world via the lens of the DIY-punk subculture as a lil teen in 2006 was an absolute delight. Subsequently, zines became a constant in my life. As someone from a working-class background with no university education, the notion of sharing ideas and knowledge through a decentralised medium such as zines was very empowering. I learnt most of my introductory theory–especially with regards to race, class, and gender–from zines. The thought of being able to disseminate my art and writing through a tangible platform which can then travel miles across the world was what spurred me to start zining. 12 years later, I still hold on to its strengths.

What is your experience of the community?

Adelaide’s local zine community (and history!) is manifested through long-standing strongholds such as Format art space which has acted as a physical intermediary for people to find zines and like minds. The now-defunct social centre Mad Mouse Alley has also served this purpose. Currently, the local zine community is seeing a renewed boom through the efforts of social entrepreneurship Zombie Queen Art & Consulting, in the form of a biannual Zine Swap event. Zinesters across the world always seem to have a natural affinity for one another, and the Zine Swaps have fostered an even stronger unity amongst the Adelaidean artist and zine community.

What Advice would you give?

There’s nothing else I will say except this: DO IT. All it takes is creativity, paper, and access to a photocopier/printer. Low-cost and boundless, the world really becomes your oyster.