Joshua Allen

About the TinyLetter

“From a queer” is a monthly, feels-inspired letter that aims to share my own history and to connect readers with queer stories and creatives. A collection of short memoir and queer profiles will be scattered across each letter.

By being open and vulnerable my writing hopes to inspire empathy and awareness of the structures that oppress queer and non-white people.

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I wanted to create more open connections with the queer people that I already have in my community and also find others who share in my confusing state of identity politics. Often I’ve felt not white enough, not Asian enough, not queer enough, not male enough and not creative enough. From a queer allows me to make a regular commitment to myself to delve into my own insecurities and to reach out to others.

What Is Your Experience of the Community?

The first TinyLetter I ever received was by Jane Howard, a cultural critic and freelance power woman. I was gripped by her honest writing about the art she engaged with and felt like she had the same critical eye (and anger) I had towards the state of the arts in this country. Slowly over time I’ve started subscribing to other TinyLetters, including Fran Tirado’s ‘Unlikely Newsletter’ and newsletters from Adam J. Kurtz.

I love how TinyLetters are so informal and minimalistic and it feels like I have a direct connection to the person I’m receiving them from.

What Advice Would You Give?

Just do it! I’ve literally only just started “From a queer” and it’s easy to set up. Forget about including fancy colours and lots of fonts. Don’t let your own fear about writing to strangers hold you back. It will keep you motivated to write and remind you that there are people out there who are interested in supporting you.

Joshua Allen is an emerging producer and writer of Southeast Asian/British heritage. His work focuses on those who are often in-between communities and explores the dynamics of being mixed race and queer.

He currently works in marketing for the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, freelances as a producer and has worked for several arts organisations including the Gate Theatre in London and as a Creative Producer for the Emerging Writers’ Festival where he assisted in producing the Digital Writers’ Festival, ‘Words Out West’ in Footscray and the Queer Writers’ Unconference in 2014.

As a writer he has been published in Intern Magazine, Writers Bloc and ArtsHub, and has edited for publications including Archer Magazine, Kill Your Darlings and Visible Ink.