Interdimensional Travel Log

About the Zine 

“Interdimensional Travel Log” is a visual and typographic exploration of the inner workings of the artist’s mind, depicted through a range of mediums and under a macro/crystalline lens.

Using Pen & Ink drawings and Woodblock prints the images develop a narrative of an outlandish and other-worldly struggle. The weird of the everyday and the hyper observance of both the quiet and the chaotic mind.


Lazarus is a multidisciplinary Artist/Designer residing in Brunswick, Melbourne. He is a practicing Print Maker, Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Zine maker, Self-Publisher and on his good days a Teacher of other budding Designers.

Lazarus founded and co-runs FiftyDollarReward an Artist cooperative operating out of Brunswick and spends most of his time in the either the void of his mind or his studio, creating, making a mess and slowly going mad.


I’d visited the greats as a teenager, Sticky and Polyester and wanted badly to be amongst the shelves. Nestled anonymously in a community both diverse and niche. An outlet for my goof, my weird, my quiet sense of humour. A way to make contact, to stretch beyond the arms of the sofa.
Finally I made my first Zine ‘Ball Point Black’ at age 18 after drawing relentlessly on the couch for a good year and filling many a sketchpad with silly cartoons and politically angsty humor.

“Ball Point Black” was well received and managed to penetrate the dreams of some poor unsuspecting humans, this provided me all the motivation I needed to never stop making.

What is your experience of the community?

The Zine Community is one which is comprised of all sorts of folk. Quiet, loud, weird, humble, beautiful, grotesque, exciting and cute. They’re the best. They’re the strangest. They’re mighty talented!
Generally I find them sitting in the corner, drawing, writing, crafting and observing. If that fails I’ll pop to Sticky or SquishFace and check in on the local happenings. Zine fairs are great too.

What advice would you give?

It’s very easy! Be as ragtag as you want. Just be yourself and creatively vomit whatever comes out onto some paper and then stick it in the photocopier. You can get free photocopying at Job Network Agencies, just tell them it’s for an interview…but don’t tell them I told you.