Inside the Sensitive Adult

About the Zine

Inside the Sensitive Adult is about the inner workings of a Sensitive Adult. A Sensitive Adult is anyone who openly expresses their emotions and feelings and interacts sensitively with the world and people around them. Through poems, free hand drawings, graphs and rants I’ve created a zine that fleshes out what it means to be a sensitive adult living in a not-so-sensitive world.


I’m Darcy Rock a 22-year old writer, zinester and musician residing in Melbourne. I create zines about feelings and experiences and share them through local and interstate zine fairs and exhibitions. Sensitive Adult Daily is the main project I work on through maintaining an online social media presence and drawing/writing zines. I hope to collaborate with more artists and writers in the future to create relatable and comforting content, helping people to navigate and understand feelings, themselves and their lives.



I have always had an interest in journaling and papercraft and I suppose zines are a mix of the two. I’d seen zines on tumblr and realised they were this personal product of an idea or feeling and wanted to create my own. I loved how independent and imperfect the zine can be and how they are more relatable than most written work out there at the moment. All zine makers write/draw CREATE from the heart and this is always the most touching and rewarding work to read.


When I moved to Melbourne in 2015 I was lucky enough to have made the first edition of Sensitive Adult Daily and scored a table at 2016s Festival of the Photocopier. That’s when I found Sticky Institute and became involved in the local zine scene by meeting other zinesters at zine fairs and exhibitions. I’ve made heaps of friends through swapping and sharing zines/ideas, have gained followers and contributors from all over Australia through call-outs and active involvement in the independent publishing scene.


Start small. Think of something personal that speaks to the community or other people just like you. Be honest. Share yourself.