About the Zine

“Impeachable” is about how we communicate on the internet. As someone who struggles daily to express myself on the internet, as I have mild dyslexia, I find the ways we do and don’t change ourselves in social media and online spaces fascinating.


Talia is a zine maker and chemistry major from Brisbane. Their zines explore expressions of femininity and culture through the lens of visual art and science. They are an expert in thinking no one can see their nipples through this blouse, when actually they were quite visible.

Why did you start a TinyLetter?

Zines are in many ways the compliment to the synchronous communication system of the internet. During gamergate a group of us who were gaming community adjacent and mostly femme presenting, found that space was becoming increasingly hostile and withdrew from the internet. Rebecca Cheers started Woolf Pack in Summer 2013/2014 and that was the first zines in which I was involved, from that jumping off point I discovered the accessibility of zines intoxicating and the community so wonderfully encouraging that I couldn’t wait to make my first solo zine.

What is your experience of the community?

Diverse and supportive!

What advice would you give?

Start with a small idea and iterate. It never has too be perfect, zines never are.