February Sketchbook

About the Zine

This zine is a selection of sketchbook pages completed in February 2017. Many of these were done while I was on holiday in Second Valley, a little coastal town in South Australia, which is where a lot of the inspiration came from. I tried to draw freely and just allow ideas to pour out onto the page with no filter – I am a perfectionist so this is often very hard for me! I had actually challenged myself to draw in this sketchbook every day that month, but I sort of lost motivation towards the end… at least I got a zine out of it.

Find the zine here


I’m Bel Short, a young queer artist from Adelaide, Australia. I have loved creating for as long as I can remember. To me making art is a way to express my inner child – playful, vulnerable and emotional – which is reflected in my artistic style. My work allows me to explore my identity and tends to focus on the small details in life that bring me joy and comfort. Away from my desk you can find me working in a cute little gift store, drinking lots of tea or looking at dog memes.


Zines have fascinated me since I first heard about them, when I used to call them zEYEnes not zEEns. The more I learned about them the more I wanted to make one! Being able to publish a tiny book about whatever you want, with no rules or censorship, sounded like the coolest thing ever. My work is usually intended for greeting cards and prints, but zines allow me to be a bit freer and less polished than I usually would be.


I think I first found zines online on sites like Etsy and Tumblr, then started noticing them around the place a lot more. The Adelaide zine community definitely isn’t as prominent as somewhere like Melbourne, but we do have zine workshops and fairs every now and then. I would definitely like to see more zine events and have a zine shop where you can buy them all the time!


Write a list of all your ideas for zines, even the dumb ones! I have a long list including “bath bomb reviews” and “gay stuff” (hey, maybe I could make a zine about my ideas for zines…). Also, you can use stuff that you didn’t originally intend to be zine content – I didn’t even think of turning my February sketchbook pages into a zine until months later.