Writing Web Series: Serial Showcase

What is it that makes web series the perfect format for pushing boundaries? How do you construct a serial that sticks? And what challenges do writers face working for a digital audience? Three award-winning digital writers discuss their writing practice and production process, as well as exploring the best serial content pushing boundaries today.

Want to check out some of the web series recommended in this event? Click on the panel’s picks below.

Mat recommends:

BRUCE – https://youtu.be/Y1BSwe7Cl9U

NORSEMAN – https://youtu.be/6hk_rdfSCS0

HIGH LIFE – https://youtu.be/3wUIBdwD9u4

Julie recommends:

STARTING FROM NOW – https://youtu.be/qzbOBzQpUX4

F TO 7TH – https://youtu.be/R4EYjTB7zLg

ANA – https://youtu.be/6WZfQwGNOwI

Hayley recommends:

I CAN’T EVEN – https://youtu.be/eGwiHrG0hmw

THE LIZZY BENNETT DIARIES – https://youtu.be/KisuGP2lcPs

THE WESTBURY FAERY – https://youtu.be/SQJjmNCsTPE

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Thursday November 2
7pm AEDT
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