Inside the Publishing House (Sydney)

This unique event will take you inside – literally inside – one of Australia’s biggest and brightest publishing houses, Hachette Australia. Through the day you will have the chance to explore the career of several leading authors/editors/publishers and gain invaluable insight into acquisitions, editorial process, sales and marketing strategies to help you on the path to publication. Be shown through the entire production process of a book from acquisition to sales, meeting publishers, editors and marketers throughout. Perfect for aspiring authors, editors and publishers.

12.30-1pm: Lunch

Start the day by meeting your fellow editors and writers who’ll be joining you for the day of bookish adventures inside Hachette Australia. Get some fuel for a huge day packed with insider insights!
Please note this is only available to those purchasing in-person tickets.


From a talented Australian writer, learn about balancing the writer/editor relationship, sales and marketing strategies, book tour, and next career steps.

Brodie Lancaster in conversation with Project Editor Sophie Mayfield

1.45-2.30PM: FOOT IN THE DOOR 

So you’ve got a completed manuscript, what next? How do you approach a publisher? What’s the best way to a structure a pitch? This session will give you an incredible opportunity to hear how the Hachette team best like work pitched to them. You’ll get an insight into what they’re looking for, hear their perspectives on new work and how to best present your manuscript.

Publishers: Robert Watkins, Vanessa Radnidge, Sophie Hamley, Suzanne O’Sullivan 


So you’ve successfully pitched your book to a commissioning editor, what next? It’s not just your pitch that matters – from the editors pitching it at the acquisitions meeting, to how sales, marketing and publicity will pitch a book to booksellers and readers – this session will take you through the next steps in publishing a manuscript, demystifying the acquisitions process along the way.

Head of Publicity Anna Egelstaff, Head of Marketing Christine Fairbrother, Head of Sales Daniel Pilkington


Trace a Hachette Author’s career, their path to publication, the acquisition and editorial process and timeline for delivery of manuscript.

Michael Mohammed Ahmed in conversation with publisher Robert Watkins 

4.30-5.30: PITCH TIME!

Put what you’ve learned into practice and pitch your manuscript to the Hachette team! These publishers and editors are always on the lookout for new and exciting voices, so here’s your chance to show them yours.
Please note this is only available to those purchasing in-person tickets.

Publishers: Robert Watkins, Vanessa Radnidge, Sophie Hamley, Suzanne O’Sullivan 

4.30-5.30: Drinks

Continue your discussions with staff from Hachette and fellow writers – sometimes the most valuable connections are made in informal ways.
Please note this is only available to those purchasing in-person tickets.

Presented in partnership with Hachette Australia

How do I attend this event?

Inside the Publishing House is a live, in-person event held at the Hachette Australia offices in Sydney. If you would like to attend in-person, please purchase a $60/$50 conc. ticket.

The event will also be streamed online via GoTo Webinar. If you do not live in Sydney you can purchase an online-only ticket for $30/$25 conc. If you purchase an online ticket you will be sent an email with a link to register for the webinar.

Thursday November 2
12.30pm AEDT

In-Person: $60 full, $50 conc | Online only: $30 full, $25 conc.

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Hachette Australia
Level 17, 207 Kent St
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