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Nice Times Club is a newsletter filled with silly stories, comics and made-up facts that aims to give you five minutes of pure joy. It’s like a little vacation from the internet that pops up in your inbox every now and then. The newsletter focuses strongly on positivity and looking after yourself, but it’s also full of a bunch of nonsense that has no agenda other than making you laugh a little.

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Hester the Cloud

Hester the cloud and her cloud buddies liked to hang out over the shopping centre carpark in the afternoons. They’d mostly just float around and talk about snacks and other clouds and what Costa had gotten up to on Gardening Australia that week. They all agreed his beard was excellent.

One day, the clouds noticed a couple of kids in the carpark, pointing up at them.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” asked Hester.
“I can read lips!” said Hester’s friend Bertle, who was also a cloud. “They’re pointing at each of us and saying what we look like!”
“Well, what are they saying?” asked Hester.
“One of the kids, Denny, says that Fifi looks like a bowl of fruit.”
“That’s cool!” said Fifi (a cloud). “I am down with that.”
“The other kid, Robbo,” Bertle continued, “says that Mike looks like a dog wearing sunglasses.”
“ALRIGHT!” yelled Mike, happily. Mike’s a cloud, just in case that wasn’t clear.
“It’s Denny’s turn again,” said Bertle, “and she says I look like a deer wearing a sequined dress. Ha! That’s weird, but okay.”
“What about me, though?” said Hester. “What do they think I look like?”
“Robbo’s pointing at you now,” said Bertle. “Oh. Oh, no.”
“What?” asked Hester.
“He says you look like a toilet but the toilet is made out of old dolls’ heads and no-one wants to use the toilet because it’s too creepy.”
“What?” said Hester.
“I think you look great,” said Fifi.
“Yeah, real billowy,” said Mike.
“Now they’re both pointing and laughing,” said Bertle.
“Right!” said Hester. “I’ll show him who’s laughing. Follow me!”

Hester led all her cloud pals in formation. She stretched and floofed out each of them into the shape they needed to be and then pfwoomped up to the front of the line to finish it off.

On the ground, in the carpark, Denny and Robbo looked up into the sky as the words “ROBBO FARTED” formed above them. They laughed a bunch and then went home and, I dunno, probably played Mario Kart or something.

The end.

Q  & A

Why Did You Start a TinyLetter?

I was feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of depressing news I would read every time I went online. You get to that point where it’s all so much that you just don’t have the energy to engage with it fully anymore. So I started Nice Times Club as a bit of nonsense that would land in people’s inboxes to give them a break from that stuff and re-energize them.

What is Your Experience of the Community?

My experience has been incredibly positive. The TinyLetters I subscribe to are filled with writing that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. It’s a space for more informal, personal writing. It’s a space for experimental writing. It’s a space for comedy writing. There’s no barriers to having a TinyLetter and I love that. In terms of readership, the people who subscribe to Nice Times Club have been so, SO lovely and have given me some great feedback.

What Advice Would You Give?

Just get in there and do it. The interface is super easy to use. Pick something you love and write about it or draw about it or write and draw about it. Chances are there’s other people out on the internet that are into that stuff too, and doing a TinyLetter is a real good way to find that audience.

Elyce Phillips is a writer and performer from Melbourne. Elyce holds a Masters in Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing from Melbourne Uni. She currently works for Ericsson Access Services as a captioner. Her comedy writing has been featured in Funny Ha Ha, and she publishes a newsletter called Nice Times Club. Elyce has written and performed with sketch group Bess County, and is a part of improv team Birdshirt Hemsworth.