Eloise Grills

About My TinyLetter

My tiny letter is a combination of drawings, photographs and other visuals with poems, writing and general rambling about my life and my many many worries. Written in a diary format, Grilled Designs waxes lyrically on the mundanities and profundities of life, giving them equal weight. I try to not make them boring.

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Q & A

Why did you start a TinyLetter?

I was inspired by the other writing that I saw on TinyLetter, including the work of Laura Stortenbeker, Rebecca Varcoe, Khalid Warsame and Ellena Savage. I love the fluidity of the form, and the way in which it can be used in any manner in which the artist chooses. I love that I can just whack a whole bunch of images and thoughts into a little newsletter, and people will read it. It bears a lot of similarities with zines in its accessibility and tendency toward idiosyncrasy and innovation.

What is your experience of the community?

I have found that there is an amazing opportunity to correspond with other TinyLetter makers and followers. It’s always lovely when people email me back saying they loved my work, and I try to do the same when something I receive touches me. There is something very intimate about this form of conversation, as it happens away from the extreme visibility of other social media.

What advice would you give?

I would say that it’s a really good way to channel your tendency to blurt and it’s a good outlet for things that don’t fit in other places. It’s nice being able to engage with people outside of your normal sphere, as TinyLetter seems to attract diverse, interesting people. I would say just go for it, put it all out there, experiment with form and your writing style; it’s a fantastic way to develop your craft through an ephemeral and intimate medium.

Eloise Grills is a writer, comics artist and editor living in Melbourne. Her work has been published widely, in places such as LOR Journal, The Lifted Brow, Scum, Overland, CHART Collective and others. In 2016 she was awarded a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship for Illustrators. She currently edits memoir at Scum Mag, and tweets and grams from @grillzoid.