About the Zine

BE. MAG is a quarterly publication from BE. COLLECTIVE CULTURE. Each issue explores a theme important to young people. Our first three issues (BE. CULTURE, BE. SELF LOVE and BE. BOSS) were launched alongside panel discussions, allowing a deeper, more honest exploration of each theme.

The magazine features artwork, images, writing and interviews with creative young people from around the world. Their unique perspectives and experiences will inspire you and ignite your curiosity.

Featured here is an excerpt from our first issue, BE. CULTURE. The magazine explores personal stories of cultural longing, displacement, ancestral lineages, cultural practices and honouring culture. Inside you’ll find artwork, illustrations and a mammoth photoshoot of culturally diverse babes, each wearing their culture with pride and with a declaration of the role culture plays in creating who they are.


BE. is a creative hub where inspiration, ideas, mentorship and collaboration come together for a fresh approach at cultivating, inspiring and empowering free thinking. It’s a nurturing community; an all-inclusive collective that supports young people to become their true, authentic selves.

BE. is a collaborative effort that thrives off the passion and talents of many super-talented young, inspirational, curious and creative minds. Our collective works by providing a supportive space for people to meet, learn and grow together.

Heading up BE.’s creative components are our diverse lineup of mentors, each with their own unique experience and expertise to share. These are people known as influencers, leaders, aspirational figures and, most importantly, as the embodiment of true, authentic being. Having combined their creative passion with a fierce drive for success, our mentors are owning it in their chosen field and aspire to help others do the same.


BE. COLLECTIVE CULTURE aims to take our obsession with identity offline to create real, tangible connections between diverse, creative young people. Grace Dlabik—BE.’s founder—imagined a multi-platform project that would allow diverse groups of young creatives to come together, collaborate, find mentorship and explore the idea of cultural authenticity and identity.

BE. is a holding space for brilliant minds and free thinking. It’s an all-inclusive creative community designed to inspire and support authenticity. The magazine is just one facet of that—but a big one. BE. COLLECTIVE is working with young people in a multitude of ways. The magazine helps explore and cement the ideas we’re spreading throughout the entire collective.


BE. COLLECTIVE is all about spreading ideas and being your best self. We’re obsessed with some of the zine makers in our community and have even featured them in the pages of our mag. There are so many amazing creators locally and around the world. Plus, we’re always looking to collaborate with other creators, so if you make stuff you should defs hit us up.


At BE. we’re all about collaboration. Reach out to people around you, share skills and start creating.